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We are a Spanish company founded by young Oaxacan,
specializing in the import and marketing of handcrafted Mexican products in Europe.
Services for Europe and Mexico

Mezcalerías, Catering, Events, etc

The word “Mezcal” comes from the Nahuatl words meztl (agave) and ixcalli (to cook).


Enmezcalarte Noche Oaxaca

We invite you to join us this February 16 at the presentation of the  Río Revuelto Mezcal in Barcelona by Chef Alejandro Ruiz as a guest in the kitchen of “Oaxaca: Cuina Mexicana” Chef Joan Bagur.

Join us on this special day and get to know the Oaxacan Mezcal born in the beautiful Valle Miahuteco. Admission is free.

Then enjoy the OAX-BCN Menu seasoned by Joan Bagur excellent host and guest of honor Alejandro Ruiz, great chefs of Mexico and Catalunya. Where you can explore the flavors of Mexico in one place Oaxaca Cuina Mexicana.  

For reservation contact us at: 902 520 522, 933 190 064 reservas@gruposagardi.com

Mezcal process*

Enmezcalarte Mezcal Proceso
Cut of maguey
Enmezcalarte Mezcal Proceso
Cooking of the pines
Enmezcalarte Mezcal Proceso
Enmezcalarte Mezcal Proceso
Enmezcalarte Mezcal Proceso

* Conabio, 2006. Mezcales y diversidad, 2ª ed. Comisión Nacional para el Conocimiento y Uso de la Biodiversidad, México.