Servicies for Europe and Mexico

Emecalarte Mezcal Servicios
Services for Europa

Distribution of artisanal Mexican products.

We selected the best artisanal products, made by companies socially and ecologically responsible, that met the origin and sanitary certifications for their entry into the European Union, one of the world’s most demanding markets.

Consultancy and information to importers, distributors and consumers about the commercial opportunities provided by the Mexican products.

We give strategy advice and consultancy to the commercial sector on the qualities and competitive advantages provided by the different Mexican products. We have the capability to link Mexican companies and organic producers with their potential clients in Europe.

Training on the handling of Mexican products, culinary presentations and tastings.

We provide the hospitality sector with information about the use of Mexican products, so that cooks, waiters and bartenders know more about their qualities and potential use. We seek an approach to end customers through culinary presentations, tastings and pairings, thus encouraging the consumption of our products.


The catering service we offer is founded on a traditional Mexican concept elaborated with recipes from Deep Mexico. We use artisanal products and mix them with cutting-edge trends, adapting them to the specific requirements of each client.

Emecalarte Mezcal Servicios
Servicies for Mexico

Import and marketing of Mezcal and artisanal products to Europe.

Our company has import permits and health certificates for imports and marketing of beverages, food and craft products in the territory of the European Union.

Representation of brands and promoting products in Europe.

We have a deep knowledge of European culture and master the languages spoken in the region: English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. This makes us fully qualified to represent brands and producers in fairs, business meetings and trade missions..

Consultancy for Mexican producers and companies seeking to open market in Europe.

We analyze the possibilities of different Mexican products to enter the European market, the competition they will face and the best ways of distribution according to market and product needs.

We advise on the necessary documentation for entry of goods in the target market, whether plant protection, quality certificates or payment of taxes and fees. We have a network of contacts in the commercial field and knowledge of European institutional channels that are key to the development of products.

Tourist and cultural promotion of Mexico.

We are the potential link between tourists, businessmen and European consumers interested in our country. We have information from the various hotels, restaurants, festivals and cultural events in Mexico. The Mezcal is a gastronomic approach to our culture that may encourage many Europeans to visit or invest in Mexico and its various states.


We coordinate and logistically support cultural events, exhibitions, fairs, presentations or conferences in Europe. We have the experience and tools to successfully perform any type of event.